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How to refresh documents export from Lumira Designer

With biExport for SAP Lumira Designer and SAP Design Studio you can create wonderful PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Excel worksheets very easily. End-users can trigger the generation with just one click, directly from the dashboard. Rec... [read more]

How to export Lumira Designer charts into native Office charts

Our biExport addon for SAP Lumira Designer and SAP Design Studio is famous for creating highly customizable PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF documents also from complex dashboards! So far, biExport took the dashboard’s charts into the export document ... [read more]

biExport Release 2.5

We are happy to announce availability of biExport version 2.5!This blog post shall give you an overview of the most important new functions and changes. For detailed release notes, please check the IMPORTANT RELEASE INFORMATION document, which is ava... [read more]

Why Lumira Discovery? Why not consume data directly in PowerPoint!

We are getting a lot of requests of customers, who create infographics and storyboards in SAP Lumira Discovery and then want to export the result into PowerPoint. Of course, biExport 4 Lumira Discovery is the right choice for them! However, I have be... [read more]

Interoperability between Lumira Discovery & Designer - How to deal with custom extensions?

Dear customers and partners, Designer enthusiasts and Discovery fellows, One usage scenario that SAP likes to point out for Lumira Discovery is the so often mentioned “interoperability” between Lumira Discovery and Lumira Designer. The business persp... [read more]

Excel Export for SAP Lumira Discovery

In my previous blog posts I have already demonstrated how you can export your SAP Lumira Discovery infocharts to PowerPoint, Word or into perfect PDF documents.  There is also a fourth export format - Excel worksheets - that I want to demonstrate tod... [read more]

How to create the perfect PDF export from SAP Lumira Discovery

With Lumira Discovery, data analysts and BI novices can create beautifful infographics and storyboards based on SAP data and other data sources. From SAP's point of view, these results shall be mainly consumed directly in the Lumira Discovery client... [read more]

How to include SAP Lumira Discovery visualizations to Word

Let's assume you have successfully created your data visualization or infographic in Lumira Discovery, like in the following example: Now you would like to integrate it into a Word document you are writing.  Lumira Discovery is actually desgined to ... [read more]

How to export SAP Lumira Discovery to PowerPoint

With Lumira Discovery, SAP wants to give a self-service BI tool to data analysts, which enables them to create infographics and storyboards based on SAP data and other data sources. A frequent requirement of data analysts is to export those results t... [read more]