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New biExport Release 2021.01

The new biExport release 2021.01 is available for download! Version Dependencies biExport Frontend Component 2021.01 biExport Service Plugin 2021.01 open bi 3.4.0 or higher Included enhancements This release contains major enhancements in the fo... [read more]

New biExport Release 2020.10

The new biExport release 2020.10 is available for download! Version Dependencies biExport Frontend Component 2020.10 biExport Service Plugin 2020.10 open bi 3.4.0 or higher    Included enhancements This release contains major enhancements in the fo... [read more]

Export Features Overview: biExport vs. Lumira Designer vs. Custom Implementation

The following fact sheet is intended as an overview of biExport's features. If you are planning an export project for Lumira Designer dashboards or applications, I am sure you will find the feature you are searching for. Also we compare the features ... [read more]

biExport Service - Updating Template Manager & Scheduler UIs

For updating the biExport Service to a new release, we provide you with the simple to use biExport Installer: The installer, however, does not automatically install updates to the Template Manager and Scheduler UIs that are provided as webpages by t... [read more]

New biExport Release 2020.06

The new biExport release 2020.06 is available for download! New version numbers With this version, we have introduced changed version numbers: The version of all our products will now follow the noteation year.month of the release. This makes it easi... [read more]

New simple way of creating complex Briefing Books with multiple URL parameters

biExport has been supporting Lumira Designer customers for years in exporting the whole content of a dashboard and creating complex Briefing Books. These capabilities have already been nicely described in the following Blog Posts (available on [read more]

New Web Configuration Interface for on-premise customers

  Today I am happy to announce the new web interface for openbi and biExport configuration and maintenance! So far, our on-premise customers had to install the opnebi Configurator Windows client in order to configure server-side parameters of biExpor... [read more]

Easy scheduling in SAP Lumira Designer and SAP Design Studio with biExport

The end user can filter and drilldown to a view he wants to receive regularly and maintain the scheduling parameters. Implemented using biExport addon for SAP Lumira Designer, Scripting and Bookmarks. This is just one scenario you can easily build up... [read more]

Lumira Designer Scheduling & Broadcasting

Our powerful biExport addon to SAP Lumira Designer has supported Scheduling, Broadcasting and Information Bursting for almost two years now. Even though SAP has added the scheduling feature with Lumira 2.1, the integration to the BO Broadcaster rema... [read more]

Important note on Lumira 2.1 SP01

With Lumira Designer 2.1 SP01, SAP has enhanced rendering of the CROSSTAB with a clipboard function. This clipboard function unfortunately is not compatible with older biExport versions. You will receive an error or blank pages when you try to export... [read more]