biExport has been designed as an export platform, which is future proof and provides exporting features for a great variety of (SAP) frontends: SAP BW SAP ABAP SAP Lumira SAP Webi SAP Analytics Cloud With the help of the platform appr...[Read More]

biExport also supports the generation of high class export documents from SAP BusinessObjects WebI reports. The concept is the same as for other source applications such as Lumira Designer, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BW. Some highlights are: Gen...[Read More]

If you want to use biExport productively with an on-premise installation of the biExport service, these are the necessary configuration steps. Software Requirements The server, on which you install the biExport service, does not have to meet high sys...[Read More]

We are happy to announce gerneral availability of release 2021.10 of biExport! The new release brings several new enhancements, like: more intuitive Scheduler UI possibility to split tables across multiple worksheets fo...[Read More]

The new biExport release 2021.07 is available for download from your dashboard on! Version Dependencies biExport Frontend Component 2021.07 biExport Service Plugin 2021.07 open bi 3.4.0 or higher Download Simply login to a...[Read More]

biExport Scheduler allows you to schedule Design Studio applications or Lumira Designer documents, as described in this blog post. You can use the online editor to create and maintain schedules, or you can use the download to / upload from Excel feat...[Read More]