Since SAP renamed their SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio product to SAP Lumira Designer, we have taken the opportunity to also rename our open bi Export Plugins in the upcoming 2.4 release. Here is a before / after chart which visualizes these ...[Read More]

Let's assume you have successfully created your data visualization or infographic in Lumira Discovery, like in the following example: Now you would like to integrate it into a Word document you are writing.  Lumira Discovery is actually desgined to ...[Read More]

With Lumira Discovery, SAP wants to give a self-service BI tool to data analysts, which enables them to create infographics and storyboards based on SAP data and other data sources. A frequent requirement of data analysts is to export those results t...[Read More]

With biExport's “Booklet execution” feature, you can easily define the automatic generation of complex Briefing Books or Management Presentations, which the user can trigger with just one click! For these exports, you can select multiple Design Studi...[Read More]

The flexible selection of export content for highly individual briefing books and management presentations from SAP Design Studio can be helpfoul in the following scenarios: A user is requested to compile a PowerPoint presentation of sales data for ...[Read More]

I believe that our previous posts have already shown how feature-rich and flexible our biExport for Design Studio is.I am absolutely confident to say there is no requirement from your business or your project that cannot be met by our solution. Moreo...[Read More]