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Lumira Designer Scheduling & Broadcasting

created: 21.05.2019

Our powerful biExport addon to SAP Lumira Designer has supported Scheduling, Broadcasting and Information Bursting for almost two years now.
Even though SAP has added the scheduling feature with Lumira 2.1, the integration to the BO Broadcaster remains rudimentary:

  • Only the initial view can be exported
  • Output channels are limited
  • Information Bursting not available

Too make it worse, SAP has anounced that Lumira will not receive major updates anymore - instead SAP will focus on developing Analytics Cloud. Still, you as a customer spend a lot of effort - an money - into building up your Lumria dashboards, and you would like to stick with these investments at least for some years.

biExport on the other hand provides all the features and customizing possibilities you will ever need - for exports to PowerPoint, Word, PDF, Excel and CSV, as as well as when it comes to scheduling, broadcasting and information bursting. You can find more details about the possibilites in my other blog:

Now with version 2.8 of biExport, we have made Scheduling, Broadcasting and Information even more powerful: With the new Lumira Scheduler Web Interface, it becomes even more convenient to create, monitor and maintain your schedules:


You can see runtime and status of the schedules in the overview list, you can download the detailed logs, edit or delete a schedule. Of course, you can also edit the schedules offline in Microsoft Excel, thanks to the Download and Upload features.

The detail page supports you in changing all the parameters of the schedule, such as time frame, export format and template, output channel and the applications and views you want to export.