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Excel Export for SAP Lumira Discovery

created: 02.01.2018

In my previous blog posts I have already demonstrated how you can export your SAP Lumira Discovery infocharts to PowerPointWord or into perfect PDF documents

There is also a fourth export format - Excel worksheets - that I want to demonstrate today.

Our customers like to use the Excel export for crosstabs. Especially if Lumira Discovery is used by data analysts to combine different data sources and to create new KPIs.In this scenario it might be helpful to export the newly created data to Excel for further processing.

The following short video shows the Excel export in action:

After you have installed our biExport for SAP Lumira Discovery extension from, you can create a chart based on this extension.

Let's say you have created a storyboad similar to the following one:


Now you add the biExport extension, which by default renders an icon for PowerPoint export:


Now, you can change the properties of the Visualization - switch the "Export Format" from PowerPoint to Excel:


With this change, the PowerPoint icon is replaced by an Excel icon:


You can also configure the appearance of the extension: "Large icon", "small icon" or "link":


Now you can switch to “Preview” or run the storyboard on the BO server. A click on the Excel icon will initiate the export process. The service generates a Word document which exports all components of the current page.