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How to export SAP Lumira Discovery to PowerPoint

created: 20.12.2017

With Lumira Discovery, SAP wants to give a self-service BI tool to data analysts, which enables them to create infographics and storyboards based on SAP data and other data sources.

A frequent requirement of data analysts is to export those results to a PowerPoint presentation.

While Lumira Discovery only creates 1:1 PDF documents from the storyboard, with our extension biExport for SAP Lumira Discovery you can easily export to PowerPoint. 

Before we describe in detail how to utilize the extension, the following video demonstrates the export process:


Now, how can you access this feature?

Register on and download the Export extension for Lumira Discovery. Install the extension via the menu entry "Extensions" in Lumira Discvoery and follow the instructions on the screen.

After successful installation, the extension will become visible under Extensions in the Insert Charts dialogue.

When you choose the biExport 4 SAP Lumira Discovery extension, a PowerPoint icon is rendered on the screen. You do not have to map any dimensions or keyfigures.

The export function can be configured via the Design pane under Visualization Protperties.

Note that you can choose whether a complete storyboard page shall be exported on one slide or each chart and component shall be placed on a separate slide (Separate Slides checkbox).

You can also define your own Export Template in your Corporate Design and use it for the export. Simply include a textbox with %CONTENT%:SCALESIZE in it. This textbox will be replaced with the content of the storyboard.

Of course, also more sophisticated exports are possible! 

Last but not least you can also change the Export Configuration, e.g. the appearance of the Export function: Large Icon, Small Icon or Link:


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